Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to events run by Mid Amateur Golf and The Mid Amateur Golf Tour. If you have anything you would like to know that is not covered by the information below or on our site then please email us at

Some insight however. We have set up the tour and the events to try and elevate the mid amateur game here in the UK. In America the Mid Amateur scene is thriving with many national events and the winner of their national Mid Amateur championship gets an invite to the Masters!!

We are always open to suggestions - if you tell us where and what you want to play we will look at it.

"I have played many competitions across a broad spectrum of classifications and have found the Mid-Amateur Golf Tour up there with the very best.

The professionalism and efficiency of the staff makes the process of entering events very simple allowing for competitors to plan well ahead. The venues chosen each year by Jason and Katie Morris are superb with fantastic quality courses, and they are excellent value.

The MAGT website provides regular updates for members throughout the season and the dedicated Facebook page allows for the players to keep in touch between competitions and also receive live updates from all of the events.

The regular tour players are very friendly and supportive of each other and there is great camaraderie. For me the challenge to play medal competitions throughout the year is inspirational, especially when you see how other players are getting on with the same conditions. I may not post great scores but I always enjoy the experience and leave with a smile and memories of good times.

I am already planning for next year and looking forward to meeting up with the guys." - Dean Elliott (4)

Are the events handicap qualifiers?

Yes. An official CSS is produced for all of our events and scores are processed through England Golf's CDH system so go straight to your home club using Club Systems 2000 software. If you are a member of a club outside of the CDH system it is your responsibility to inform you club of you scores but we will send details to them via email/post.

Do I have to be a member of the tour to enter an event?

No. Tour membership gives (in some categories) discounted entry and the chance to win the OOM and qualify for finals day.

Some of the events are run by Mid Amateur Golf and some are club run. Whats's the difference?

Club run events are exactly that - events run by the host club. These are normally heavily subsidised and all entries etc should be made through the host club. Events that are run by Mid Amateur Golf are hosted by us at the named venue and depending on your membership category may attract certain discounts from the entry fee.

What is the format of the events?

Most Mid Amateur events are stroke play with gross and nett prizes. They range from 18 to 54 hole events over 1 or 2 days with the exception of the Logan Trophy which is over 3 days.


No thanks. As all our events are official qualifying for handicap events we do not allow players with inactive handicaps to win any prize.

Is there a ballot?

Not in most of our events - if you enter and we have spaces then your in! Club run events do operate a ballot system so please check before entering.

When do I pay?

Options - by PayPal whenever you want to, cheque dated for now (will be cashed), cheque dated for closing date or by bank transfer. Life members have the facility to pay on the day.

How do I enter?

Via PayPal on our web site or by downloading the form and sending by post. Bank transfer is also accepted.

Can I choose my start time?

We try and accommodate people travelling from far away as much as possible.

Can I choose my playing partners?


Are caddies allowed?

Yes - unless host club has restrictions

Pace of play.

Our players should know better but inevitably slow play exists - we allow at least 5 hours 20 minutes between rounds and this should be plenty.

Some things we can sort, some things we cannot.

Can I post date my entry fee until the closing date?


Can I pay now?

Yes via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Are practise rounds included?

In some cases yes, but not normally and reduced rates for practise rounds are normally available.

Is food included at all events?

At most events yes - see individual entry details for confirmation.

Will we play off the back/championship/medal tees?

Depending on the time of year, weather and course we are playing we will take a view on an individual basis.

What if I enter but have to withdraw?

If you withdraw before the official closing date you will be eligible for a full refund. If you withdraw after the closing date you will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances regardless of whether we have a full field or not.

What about the prizes?

Most events offer vouchers for the prizes and these can differ vastly depending on the event. Tournaments run by Mid Amateur Golf generally have a minimum prize fund of £1,000 when we have a full field rising to over £1,500 for certain events. Vouchers can be redeemed through various outlets including your home club.

What do I actually get for my membership fee?

Depending on the type of membership (life or Tour) will determine what you actually get. Tour members and Life members get a discount off of events run by the Mid Amateur Golf Tour and also the opportunity of playing in special events (Rye in 2016 and the challenge match in 2015). Members are also entitled to qualify for finals day through the order of merit which is a complimentary 36 holes tournament at a top venue (Moortown in 2014, Hollinwell in 2015 and Aldeburgh in 216). There is also a members bag tag!

So can I play in any of the events without joining the tour?


Can I qualify for finals day if I am not a member though another means?


Why is there such a difference between MAGT run events and club/county run events?

MAGT events are not subsidised by the host club so therefore we pay a fee to play the venue which is reflected in the price. At some events we pay a per player fee and at others a facility fee which is why every event is different.

Why does it take so long for my handicap to up-date?

This is because clubs and event organisers all use different software and sometimes they do not speak to each other as efficiently as we would all like. Results are processed and sent to the CDH system of the home nation within 24 hours of the event finishing and then it is the responsibility of the players home club to accept “away” scores to up-date the players handicap. It is not a perfect system and will not be until the software is either fully compatible or there is one system, which is unlikely.

Why is there such a difference to prizes at the different events?

This is down to the individual club or organisers and normally if a reflection on the number of entrants unless the event is sponsored.

Why can’t we just have cash prizes?

Unfortunately, this is in breach of the rules of Amateur status as laid down by the R&A.

How do you get onto the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking)?

You need to either win or finish high enough in a qualifying event to achieve WAGR status. Once you have done this you can start accumulating points in WAGR events.

Why is it that I never know if I am in an event until the draw has been made?

Unfortunately, club/county and EGU events do not let you know until the closing date and the draw has been made. This is because of the ballot that is in place for higher handicaps. A lot of events run by the MAGT are on a FRIST COME FIRST SERVED basis so once we have acknowledged your entry then you know you are definitely in the event. We do this to make sure everyone has the chance to play.

How can I find out if I am in with a chance of getting in an event?

Please refer to the schedule page where you will find expected ballot details.

Why is the entry fee higher if using PayPal?

Because they charge a fee for processing the entry which is why there is the option to pay by cheque or bank transfer which is free.

Can I invite guests to play if I am a member of the tour?

As long as they fulfil the entry requirements of the event then yes. Be aware however, that you or your guest could, in some events, be balloted out.

Can I request to play with my friends/colleagues?

This is a request that needs to go to each individual event organiser. In some cases it may be possible but generally, the draw is made on handicap with a few exceptions made for players travelling a large distance.

Why so many events “down South”?

The clubs in the South of England have chosen to host these type of events and the clubs “up North” have not. The plan is to hold more events in the Midlands and further afield in 2016 and beyond.

Are you not just piggy backing off the club and county run events?

We do use the results for the OOM but we also run 8-10 events ourselves.

Who are you?

Mid Amateur Golf and the Mid Amateur Golf Tour is a business run by Wyncanton Marketing Services Limited (Reg number 7493492). Jason Morris runs the web site and events and was a PGA Qualified golf professional for 10 years and is an avid fan of Mid Amateur Golf events. There is also an events team that organises the tournaments with registration officials, starters, recorders and score submission officials. We are building a series of events and an infrastructure to support some exciting plans for the future.