2018 Entrants (MAGT)

Attached to this page you will find the current entrants for tournaments run by the MAGT.

This should make it easier to see if your entry has been received and whether you have a chance of getting a place in the event if it is balloted. Club run events and events run by the county or national unions generally do not do this so you will have to wait until the closing date to see if you are in or not.

If your entry is missing, please contact us at the MAGT office or via email.

2018 Schedule can be found here.

Up-dated 5th March 2018

MAGT Members Robert Osmond & Iain Yule who both enjoyed victories in 2017.

"Great value, incredibly well run, professional tour...no better chance to play quality courses and meet great people whilst experiencing high level of competition." - Joe (4)

"A very professionally run Golf Tour that deserves the honour of running some WAGR events & thats just recognition of how the tour is run. Its has without doubt made me a far more all-round better golfer, due to not only the amazing tracks we get to play on but how their set up & probably as good as some Professional Tour events. The staff & very friendly members make this tour what it is today & personally would not be without it in my golfing calendar. Thanks MAGT" - Brian (5)